Our Services


We are dedicated to improve the financial efficiency of companies by providing solutions as part of tax consultancy, full certification and VAT return services:

Ongoing tax consultancy,
International tax planning services,
Tax consultancy for foreign nationals,
Tax incentives,
Tax disputes and resolution services,
Controlling of corporate tax declarations’ conformity with the legislation and its certification, preparation of full certification report by a Sworn-in CPA,
Transfer Pricing audit,
Planning and management of tax liabilities specific to the companies,
GAuditing and certification of below-mentioned activities pursuant to certification standards for Natural and Legal Persons/Companies, Associations and Foundations, their subsidiaries and undertakings:
Financial Statements (balance sheet, income statements and their annexes), tax declarations submitted as regards tax laws, demands related to tax laws, related legislation, tax laws and generally-accepted accounting principles, Period End Financial Statements and Declarations,
GValue-Added Tax Returns and Declarations,
Period End Financial Statements and Declarations for Subsidiaries and Undertakings Owned by Natural Persons,
Transactions Subject to the Inheritance Tax (Financial Statements and Declarations),
Evaluation of Requests for the Deferral or Payment in Instalments of Debt to the Tax Authorities, Investment Allowance Transactions,
Tax Exemptions and Exceptions,
Revaluation, Value Increase Funds,
Credit-worthiness and lending practices for Credit Institutions,
Build-Operate-Transfer and Build-Operate Practices,
Inventory Valuations,
Exemption-related Transactions for Associations and Foundations,
Special Consumption Tax (SCT) Return and Deduction Transactions,
Transactions related to Income and Corporate Tax Exceptions as part of Law No 4325,
Transactions related to the Addition of Internal Resources into Company’s Capital